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Product Catalog
Internal Intercom Products :
Internal Visual Intercom (IP Network)
Internal Intercom (Bus)
Internal Intercom (Sub-wire)
Bank Intercom and Queuing :  
ATM Alarm Visual Intercom (IP Network)
Touch Screen for Queuing (IP Network)
Window Intercom
Hospital Intercom /Broadcast /
Queuing :
Healthcare /Nurse Intercom (Semi-digital)
Hospital Intercom (IP Network)
Hospital Broadcast and Intercom (IP Network)
Hospital ICU Visiting Intercom (IP Network)
Hospital Diagnosis Queuing (IP Network)
Hospital Queuing for Medicine Taking (IP Network)
Transfusion Hall Wireless Calling
Prison Intercom /Broadcast /
Queuing :
Intercom System for Prison Cell (Semi-digital)
Prison Cell Visual Intercom (IP Network)
Prison Broadcast and Intercom (IP Network)
Prison Visiting Queuing(IP Network)
Prison Visual Visiting Queuing (IP Network)
Elevator Intercom Products :
Elevator Intercom (Semi-digital)
Elevator Visual Intercom (IP Network)
School Intercom and Broadcast :
Apartments Intercom (Semi-digital)
Apartments Visual Intercom (IP Network)
School Broadcast and Intercom (IP Network)
Alarm Intercom for Peace City (IP Network)
Public Broadcast Intercom (IP Network)
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Established in 1997, LonBon Science and Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading and professional manufacturer and solution provider of audio and video intercom system in the world. Our products are manufactured under strict quality supervision, CE and RoHS certificate. Meanwhile, Lonbon is one of the members of China Security and Safety Council, being awarded as "Top 10 Security Brand in China" and "Top 10 residential intelligent brand" .
LonBon is dedicated to the R & D of IP network products and has achieved more than thirty patents. Our independent intellectual property rights of IP network digital audio and video technology thoroughly solved the problem of echo and howling; Our two-way video intercom technology of IP network is in the leading position. We will uphold the innovative and pioneering spirit to produce audio and video intercom system products with high quality, fashionable style and convenient usage.

Currently our sales outlets are throughout the country.We have sales branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hong Kong. Meanwhile, we have set up offices or agents in 18 provincial capital cities and maintained a long-term cooperation with more than 2,000 dealers. In the domestic market, our brand and products have occupied a solid position. In recent five years, the company's turnover increased at a compound annual growth rate of over 30%.



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 Products Catalog :

 LonBon has the intelligence property rights in design, engineering and manufacturing for the "LonBon Intercom Series".
1.Alarm Visual Intercom System for Peace City ( IP Network)
2.Public Broadcast Intercom System ( IP Network)
3.Building Visual Intercom System ( IP Network)
4.ATM Alarm Visual Intercom System ( IP Network)
5.Queuing System with Touch Screen ( IP Network)
6.Window/Banks/Counter Intercom
7.Hospital Intercom System ( Semi-digital System)
8.Hospital Intercom System ( IP Network)
9.ICU Visiting Intercom System ( IP Network)
10.Hospital Diagnosis Queuing System (IP network)
11.Hospital Queuing System for Medicine Taking (IP Network)
12.Wireless Calling System for Transfusion Hall
13.Intercom System for Prison Cell ( Semi-digital System)
14.Visual Intercom System for Prison Cell (IP network)
15.Prison Visitor Queuing System ( IP Network)
16.Elevator Intercom System ( Semi-digital System)
17.Elevator Visual Intercom System ( IP Network)
18.Apartments/Dormitory Intercom System ( Semi-digital System)
19.Apartments/Dormitory Visual Intercom System ( IP Network)
20.Internal Visual Intercom System ( IP Network)
21.Internal Intercom System ( Bus)
22.Internal Intercom System ( Sub-wire)

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